Firm Profile

Stoa Studios is an award-winning architectural design firm with active projects throughout the United States. Find out more about who we are and how we can help with your projects.


Our work is based in a design ethos that underlies all major design decisions made in our projects. Find out more about this philosophy and how it contributes to successful projects.

Design Process

We have the experience and expertise to deliver great design and facilitate transformation of those ideas into reality. Find out more about this process and how it fits with your design needs.

Our Work

The success of our firm is based on strong Architect-Client relationships wherein we deliver great design for whichever project types our clients take on. Our project mix is entirely client-driven, and includes work in retail, education, workplace, healthcare, restaurant, and custom residential sectors.

Let's Talk

Since the founding of Stoa Studios we have designed hundreds of projects for a diverse mix of client types. Whether you are a developer, business owner, corporate executive, general contractor, or private landowner, we would love to find out more about your project(s) and how we can add value to them through design.

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